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Información sobre Lloyd Evans

Lloyd Evans has been involved and teaching golf for more than 23 years. In 1994 he left England to work at a prestigous golf club in Germany, then becoming Head Professional of his club and both member of the British PGA & German PGA, and player of the EPDTour ( European Developement Tour).His Amateur Club team became Reinland Pfalz Meister two years in a row breaking all previous records, also Lloyd took German National player Ann Katrin Schmitt to victory, Meister Champion!Four of his previous Junior members are now Golf Professionals. After 17yrs of service in 2010 Lloyd came to Madrid to work alongside Jason Floyd & Makinggolf, then becoming Jason’s right hand man in Madrid. In this time Lloyd had the opportunity to help and assist with some of the European Tours most well know player’s, gaining an imense amount of experience and knowledge.To date Lloyd is currently Head of the Makinggolf Academey’s here in Spain, coaching a wide range of Golfers from Professionals to beginners. He is part of the Wilson Team Spain, Tpi and K/Vest certified among many other qualifications.

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Lloyd Evans Welcome

I welcome you to Lloyd Evans and the Makinggolf Academy, where every day my Professional staff and I work with the games Profesionals and Amateurs and also recreational players.It is a privilege to be the Director of the Makinggolf Acadamey’s and head of such a great team.I look forward to seeing you here at our Academy and will enjoy helping you to be the best Golfer you can be!